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Nov. 3rd, 2009


Full Circle.

I feel like it's all come back around.

It's nearly Summer, where all this started.
I'm back in WA.
Back at Amalfi Resort.
Tegan and Sara have another album out that I can obsess over.

Only difference is that this time, I can share it all with somebody.

...and again, Tegan and Sara. *melt*

I think Tegan should take a precautionary AVO out against me, because I fear that if I saw her in the street I would not be able to stop myself from raping her.

Aug. 8th, 2009


Family means nobody gets left behind.

There is a strangeness about my life at present. I miss my family a great deal, and I think I have kind of let Maryams family be almost, supplements for my own, and I have totally fallen in love with them. The irony of this being of course, the fact that they don't understand the true extent of my role in their lives. They see me as a close friend of Maryams, who by a turn of fate lived with them a short while and became a kind of regular in their lives. In reality I am the girl who loves their daughter. I am Maryam's significant other, and she mine. The reason this has only now really become an issue to me, is that my feelings have turned a corner. I don't just have feelings for Maryam anymore. I love her. I want to be with her, and I want us to really try to build something together. Whatever that means... And, of course, I wish so much deep down, that her family could understand...and be involved in our lives, as the parents of a young couple in love. Don't get me wrong, I suffer no dillusions that this could become reality, but still...it's a nice thought. A really nice thought. I think for Maryam, it would be a seemily impossible dream come true. And all I want, is her happiness. I want her to feel truly happy, right down in her belly. I want to see her laugh with reckless abandon, and not worry about who could be rounding the corner. Have her take my hand in a crowded street with no thoughts as to who could be watching. Maryams happiness means so much to me. It really does... *ponders*

And all this my friends, is why I think we should move out together. Not 'soon'. Not 'in the future'... ASAP.

There. I said it.

Look at that smile! Who wouldn't want
to wake up next to that every day?

Aug. 2nd, 2009



OMFG I miss Maryam.

Jul. 26th, 2009


Strange and wonderful things

Two topics of interest tonight.

#1 : I have FINALLY found a job. Noooooo joke. Private housekeeping at the Egyptian Consulate. And its as strange as it sounds. When you work around people that have THAT much money... makes you think about what they consider important...what YOU consider important. Meh... we'll see.

#2 : We are two days into Maryams 16 day American jaunt. Technically I haven't seen her in four days, and haven't heard her voice in 3. It's tough, admittedly, and I don't know whether or not that's pathetic, or understandable - either way, tough it is. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder and I can feel it already - it just doesnt feel right having her on the other side of the world. Not hearing her voice. Seeing her face. God I miss her. 2 weeks is starting to feel like 2 years.

Jul. 12th, 2009


She shoots...Scores?


1. Get a part time job. Doing ANYTHING.

2. Take short courses in SOMETHING.

3. Take STAT test in August.

4. Apply for Uni 2010.

5. GET FIT! Lose 10kgs by Christmas.

6. Save enough to be home for Christmas.

7. Finish 'What Do You Say After You Say Hello?' with Maryam.

8. Work on myself, with aims to create more strength of mind, understanding and motivation.


Jul. 4th, 2009



I haven't written since I moved in here... Mostly because - NOTHING OF INTEREST HAS HAPPENED.

Nothing. No job. No friends.

I nearly broke up with Maryam but I didn't feel like writing about it at the time. It's resolved now, so apart from Maryam the rest of my life is shit. I'm watching Ice Age, and I miss Matilda so much. And Jess... and Jaz and Matt and Dad and Mum and Rach and EVERYONE.


May. 14th, 2009



And by new-ness I mean,
  • New house
  • New friend
  • New bedding
  • Newtown


New house: So far so good. My flat mates seem cool. Both girls. Both older than me. Both musicians. Both homos. So we're all pretty good matches to eachother. Hahaha. Went and saw one of them's band tonight, The Maxine Kauter Band. They're pretty great, actually. Maxine's voice is amazing, and the songs themselves are well structured and catchy... Egh, this is starting to sound like a review - which it is not. Hahah - suffice to say, they're a good band. And good house mates. The house itself is a little terrace on a side street - LOVE IT.

New friend: Sounds hilarious saying it like that; 'new friend' I sound like I'm in pre-primary. Hahaha, but when you've moved to a completely new place and know no one bar your girlfriend and one other guy who lives no where near you - making a friend is kinda exciting. Anyway, it was this girl who I was going to rent a room off, we hit it off and I got really excited, but my lack of job-ness (therefore, proper income) put her off and she chose this other girl. (Who it turned out lied and also had no job, LOL...) So anyway we went out to have some food and a few drinks. Maryam ended up coming at the last minute with her bff Sam, and a few other peeps. By the time we left the Sly Fox I was surprisingly drunk... All in all, a great night.

New bedding: Me and Maryam found these organic cotton doona covers that were $39 down from $109! OMG. Anyways, they are sooooo nice and comfy, so we both bought them, and I got new pillows too! Mmmhmmmm, new bedding.

Newtown: The coolest place in Sydney. A thousand cafes, retro clothing shops, thai resturants, record stores and bars all lining a giant road called King Street. A complete blend of musicians, students, artists, homos and every racial culture you can imagine. It is AWESOME.



May. 5th, 2009




Sydney_Harbour_night_skyline1.jpg SYDNEY AT NIGHT image by nicka_chicka

So far I like your city. It's so very different from my own. Less ferris wheels and riversides, more family and friends. There it was a crazy few days of sex in public places, lives on hold, and wondering if it would ever happen again... Here is a real chance to build something lasting.

It's also strange to note, how both of them seem to represent different kinds of freedom. Perth on one hand, well she represents a carefree time of youth, and nakedness and innocence lost... Whilst you, Sydney, you represent the freedom of a clean slate and a new life, maybe even as an adult.

And so I wonder, where will it all lead? What's around the corner? Who will I become? I guess that's just part of the ride. Sit back and enjoy.




May. 4th, 2009


So anyway

I should cheer the hell up.

I have many things to be positive about. I am moving on Saturday  - so no more stealing kisses or fears of brutal death during sexy time.

Also I get to try and make some friends of my own, which I think will be easier once I'm out and about. Also I think it will be easier to focus on getting a job.

I am meeting a long lost cousin some time this week. AWESOME.

Annnd I am really, seriously thinking of getting my scooter licence! Coz seriously, whats sexier than a girl on a scooter with a guitar.

And not least of all, Maryam. :)



vespaLogo2-249x265.jpg vespa image by Blaisesound


Today I discovered...

...fanfics, my impatience for Maryams cousin to leave, and my distrust of her motives.

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